AlphaBetter Stand-Up Desk

Creating a Better Classroom

The AlphaBetter Stand-Up Desk is making the news around the globe with its unique ability to get students standing and moving while in class.

For many students everyday classroom life involves trying to sit still, taking focus away from learning. With the AlphaBetter Desk, students are able to stand up during the school day and move without being a distraction to their classmates or teachers, while also potentially improving their concentration.

Giving students the chance to move while they work on projects, papers and even taking a test has many advantages. Studies have shown that moving may help increase academic abilities, facilitate learning and that fidgeting may help burn extra calories. The patented Swinging Pendulum™ Footrest Bar (fidget bar) can enable students to keep moving while redirecting fidgeting behaviour, expending energy and helping students focus on classroom activities.

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In conventional classrooms, all teachers can do to aid their students is to ask them to “sit up straight and pay attention.” With the AlphaBetter Desk, students have the option to sit, stand or alternate between the two, as well as the opportunity to use the swinging footrest/fidget bar to redirect fidgeting behaviour, and expend energy. In AlphaBetter classrooms, students receive the postural support they need to focus on instruction so teachers can teach with fewer interruptions.

Studies conducted by the National Education Association (US) show that the brain operates best when the body is attentive and engaged. There is a direct correlation between student performance, ergonomics and physical activity. Active learning is better learning, and featuring ergonomically sound furniture in the classroom is essential, especially today with all of the added time students spend in sedentary positions.

A day in the life of the average student

As you can see, students have a tendency to sit for large periods of time throughout the day which doesn’t help fight the battle against childhood obesity. Using a standing or sit-stand desk could be the answer. It’s a great way to increase their physical activity along with their caloric expenditure.

Standing may help prevent orthopaedic degradation & dysfunction including back and neck pain, repetitive stress injuries, pelvic floor dysfunction and knee & hip disorders. Teachers may also see ergonomic benefits because they do not need to bend at the waist to work with their students.


Giving students the chance to move while they work on projects, papers and test-taking has many advantages. Studies have shown that moving may help increase academic abilities and facilitate learning, and that fidgeting may help burn calories.

Classrooms which allow students the options to sit or stand will have greater student engagement, improved test scores, greater creativity, and an overall improvement in classroom behaviour.

Standing desks give students the opportunity to move, be more focused and comfortable. When you achieve this, you automatically have students learning more.

  • Creates an active classroom environment
  • Empowers students to live healthier
  • Facilitates focus and burns more calories
  • Allows students to stand, move and fidget
AlphaBetter Desks are height-adjustable and therefore are suitable for most age groups. They’re perfect for grades 3 to 12 but are also suitable for teachers looking to add flexibility into their workspace habits.
  • Large, durable work surface is great for group or individual work. The desktops are available in two sizes to fit any classrooms needs, and comes with the choice of a Standard or Premium top. Both tops are extremely durable, and are impact and chemical resistant.
  • Optional Dry Erase top for students to work on projects or solve problems.
  • Pencil grooves keep pencils and pens from rolling away with the Tri-Perimeter Pencil Groove.
  • The optional Book Box adds the extra deep storage space for students to store their school supplies or personal items.
  • The Book Shelf keeps school supplies or personal items within easy reach.
  • Teachers and other adults can easily adjust the height in 3cm increments to fit the heights of students in grades 3 to 12, and for various heights within a classroom. It can also move with the students as they grow.
  • Metal swivel glides make the desk and matching AlphaBetter® Stool (sold separately) easy to move across carpeted and smooth surfaces to easily reconfigure the classroom.
  • The patented Swinging PendulumFootrest Bar (fidget bar) is noise-free, encouraging students to fidget without distracting others. The bar easily flips up for cleaning clearance. It can also be used with the AlphaBetter® Stool (sold separately).
  • Caster Wheels (sold separately) are available to allow easy reconfiguration of desks t fit any lesson plan.
    Carpet Casters: 4 locking hard nylon casters.
    Hard Floor Casters: 4 locking oft polyurethane casters.