4 Pro Tips to Get your Fidget On

For most students, everyday life in the classroom involves hours of sitting still. It doesn’t take research to prove that this doesn’t feel good, though recent science shows that prolonged sitting does real harm to the body.

Some schools are enlisting standing desks to give students a healthy outlet for pent-up energy, and the results are looking good. Learners are more focused and more active; an August 2016 study from Texas A&M demonstrated that standing desks help kids burn more calories and slow increases in body mass index.

This same study seemed to provoke the Bloomberg article “Standing Desks Are Coming for Your Children,” a great, factual report about the benefits of standing desks with a sarcastic flair, hence the title. The title made us laugh, but nothing else about this positive trend does–instead, we’re psyched about Safco’s AlphaBetter® Stand-Up Desk, a standing desk for kids with a built-in fidget bar. The ability to swing your feet is ultra satisfying (we have one at EK HQ and are obsessed).

This video of students and teachers from Vallecito Elementary in San Rafael, CA can attest to the desk’s greatness: one young student compares the effect to Newton’s first law: “it’s like a body at rest stays at rest, but a body in motion stays in motion,” she notes, smiling.

The AlphaBetter® Stand-Up Desk is up on our site. If you wholeheartedly believe in fidgeting like we do, check it out.

Learn more about AlphaBetter Stand-Up Desks here!

Article Source: Focal Upright, February 1, 2017