4 Pro Tips to Get your Fidget On

For years, parents have struggled to find the best way to cheer for their kids from the sidelines. Focal Upright has the solution.

I first start playing Australian Rules Football at the age of seven and understandably, my parents spent a lot of time on the sidelines. The thing about football is that the game will go on despite rain, hail or sunshine, and that often left my parents pretty uncomfortable out in the park lands. Also, not all metro ovals offer car parking around the ground like our regional counterparts and therefore you are forced to be out in the elements for a decent viewing area.

Parents have tried a number of solutions to improve the experience of watching their kids play sports. The most common of which is probably the metal and polyester contraption known as the camping chair. These chairs are usually difficult to open and assemble, and even more frustrating to put away. They’re not comfortable, and they’re definitely not easy to carry around. (My parents had two of these chairs, and they usually just left them in the car.) Oh, and if it rains, expect mould to grow in the chair’s carrying case (speaking from experience).

Some parents prefer a blanket on the ground. If it’s an early morning game, expect it to be covered in dew. If it rains, it’ll be covered in mud. If it’s windy, well, you don’t want to be the parent who delays the game because your blanket blew onto the field.

A few fields will offer metal bleachers, but when it rains, those benches stay wet for hours. They’re also freezing in cold weather, and scalding during the summer.

I guess you can stand for the whole game, but unless you’re that one nervous, pacing dad who yells at the other team’s coach, you want to be able to relax and watch your child.

So here’s the solution:

The Mogo Seat has a turf mode, sets up in seconds, weighs less than a bag of orange slices, fits in a backpack, and lets you easily follow the action. Stop lugging around bulky camping chairs, wet foam cushions, and blankets. Stay upright with a lot less effort, and never miss another goal.

Still want more? The Mogo is made of fibreglass, aluminium, and has an EVA foam cushion. It’s sturdy, reliable, and fits both kids and adults. Never watch sports the same way again, because Mogo goes where you go. (The Mogo Seat is also great for outdoor concerts, camping, and picnics!)

Article Source: Focal Upright, September 29, 2016