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GBC Foton 30 Laminator

$1,299.10 incl GST

Threads, feeds, Laminates & Trims Automatically. Perfect for the Classroom or Office!

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The GBC Foton 30 Laminator will revolutionise the way you laminate. The first fully automated desktop laminator that feeds, laminates and trims with the touch of a button.

Equipped with built-in auto feeder and trimmer, the GBC Foton 30 Laminator delivers automatic lamination – freeing up your time for other activities.

Comes with a starter roll (not a full length 56.4M roll). Don’t forget to order your spare!

Load and Go operation!
GBC Foton 30 Laminator starts automatically after warm-up. Load papers. Push button. Walk away.

Hands Free Lamination
Integrated 30 page sheet feeder with de-skew ensures documents are straight when entering the laminator. No more feeding pouches one at a time.

Easy Supply Loading
Easy to load, self-threading cartridge makes changing film simple.

Product Specifications

  • The GBC Foton 30 Laminator starts automatically after warm-up. Three operation modes produce perfect quality laminating
  • Feeder Capacity: 30 Sheets
  • Auto Start: Feeds once laminator is ready
  • Three Operation modes including Auto Feed+Auto Trim, Manual Feed+Auto Trim and Manual Feed+Manual Trim
  • Film Indicator light to show the film is low or empty
  • Paper Sizes: From 125mm x 153mm to 297mm x 420mm
  • Auto Feed Paper Weight: 65gsm to 120gsm
  • Manual Feed Paper Weight: 65gsm to 250gsm
  • Warm Up Time: 75mic: 3min, 125mic: 4min


Feeder Capacity 30 Sheets (75gsm)
Auto Start Feeds once laminator is ready
Trimmer Auto & Manual Modes
Operation Modes

Auto-Feed / Auto-Trim

Manual-Feed / Auto-Trim

Manual-Feed / Manual Trim


Standard Paper Sizes (65 -120gsm)

Standard Paper Sizes (120+ gsm)

Odd Shapes (Stars, Circles, Etc)

Film Indicator Low & Empty
Paper Size:




297mm x 420mm

125mm x 153mm

Paper Weights

Auto Feed

Manual Feed


65 – 120 gsm

65 – 250 gsm

Warm-up Time:75mic


3 min

4 min




700mm / min

650mm / min

 Warranty  2 years or 5000 laminates


Cartridge Codes Micron Size Sheets (Based on 30 sheet runs)
FOTONC075B 75mic 307mm x 56.4m 230
FOTONC125B 125mic 307mm x 42.4m 140