Safco Runtz Ball Chair (Pink)

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Safco Runtz Ball Chair (Pink)

$299.00 incl GST

Better pricing for schools upon request!

Put a little bounce in seated play while improving balance and posture along the way with a whimsically gumdrop-shaped Safco Runtz Ball Chair!


Runtz Ball Chair (Pink) puts the benefits of an exercise ball into a comfortably stable chair just for kids!

The whimsical gumdrop shape of each chair hides an anti-burst exercise ball that puts a little bounce into seated play while improving balance and posture along the way. The mesh covering provides tactile stimulation for those with sensory needs and comes in three fun colours: Liquorice, Bubble Gum and Sour Apple. Controlled bouncing on a Runtz is a great source of vestibular stimulation, too!

Runtz chairs also come with an air pump that allows you to adjust the amount of bounce under a child.

Perfect for schools, daycares, sensory rooms or any space where a child needs a comfy place to sit and play; the Safco Runtz Ball Chair is a great solution to your seating needs.

  • Fully inflated, seat height is 43cm, height will lower when occupied
  • May help keep children active allowing natural fidgeting while their minds stay on task
  • Supports better posture and balance
  • Helps develop core muscle strength
  • These chairs may assist children with special needs such as Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Anti-burst exercise ball
  • Pump included with ball chair

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