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Twixt Active Seating Stool (Extended-Height)

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The new twist on office seating!

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Out with the old office chair, in with the new twist on active seating. Twixt Active Seating Stool (Extended-Height), provides movement and adjustability that meet the needs of today’s mobile work environments. Whether you prefer to perch, lean or sit, Twixt Active Seating Stool (Extended-Height) creates a comfortable and playful seating experience. It allows for small movements which may help engage your core and keep the body in an active posture.

Weight rated to 110kg, the Twixt Active Seating Stool (Extended-Height) is not your average stool. It’s ideal for use in home offices, corporate offices, open offices, conference rooms, co-working spaces, retail counters and more. This ergonomic, height-adjustable, active seating chair is designed to help support better posture and balance.

Key Features

  • Flexible ring under chair base allows user to adjust seating angle to perch, lean or sit
  • Pneumatic seat height adjustment controlled by an easy-to-reach ring under the seat, so the user can adjust seat height from any position
  • 360-degree swivel for enhanced mobility
  • Underside of upholstered seat features a finger groove that functions for easy lift and portability
  • Available in extended-height or sitting-height options
  • Height range from 56 to 79cm
  • Seat size 39cm
  • 3 year warranty
  • Designed by Thomas Walser

Additional information

Weight 6 kg


Twixt Active Seating Stool (Extended Height)

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