Uncaged CHANGEdesk

Uncaged CHANGEdesk

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Move Between Sitting & Standing in SECONDS! Quick & Easy Adjustment. No Installation. No Assembly. For Laptops, Desktops & Macs. New, patented design.


Uncaged CHANGEdesk – Height Adjustable Standing Desk Conversion


Enjoy the health, energy, and productivity benefits of standing throughout the workday with our patent-pending CHANGEdesk. Quick and easy height adjustment lets you switch positions in seconds, bringing your monitor and keyboard to the perfect ergonomic height. HUGE adjustable height range (from 4.5″ collapsed all the way up to 21.5″) comfortably fits people up to 6’5″. No assembly required.


  • HUGE HEIGHT RANGE: from 4.5″ to 21.5″ = no more hunching + no extra monitor risers needed.
  • ADJUSTABLE KEYBOARD TRAY: Distance between your keyboard and monitor is adjustable, as it should be.
  • VERTICAL ADJUSTMENT: CHANGEdesk moves straight up and down. No forward/awkward movements
  • COMPACT: CHANGEdesk gives you the ability to sit or stand with ease and doesn’t cluster your desk
  • USA & Foreign patents pending.

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