4 Pro Tips to Get your Fidget On

Most teachers and parents would agree that sitting still can be a significant challenge for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. A typical classroom scenario in which the students sit attentively at their desks while the teacher explains the day’s lessons has generally been thought to be unrealistic for an autism classroom, but this is all about to change thanks to these Autism Chairs by Safco.

Students using Runtz Ball Chairs are able to sit and focus for longer periods of time. Once their sensory needs are fulfilled, they are less distracted by the confusing signals their bodies can send, and more available for academic learning. When this occurs for a larger group of students at the same time, there are fewer distractions from other students needing to wiggle or take breaks, which allows teachers to use their instructional time productively.

Runtz Ball Chairs

The whimsical gumdrop shape of each chair hides an anti-burst exercise ball that puts a little bounce into seated play while improving balance and posture along the way. The mesh covering provides tactile stimulation for those with sensory needs and comes in three fun colours: Liquorice (Black), Bubble Gum (Pink) and Sour Apple (Lime). Controlled bouncing on a Runtz is a great source of vestibular stimulation, too!

Not only are the Runtz Ball Chairs ideal for schools and daycares, but they’re also suitable for lobbies, waiting areas or any space where smaller-sized guests might be hiding or seeking.

If your child or students could benefit from “bouncing” off some excess energy while engaging core muscles and improving their posture, then don’t wait any longer. Contact us today as we have all colours available and can ship them Australia-wide within 3-5 business days from the moment we receive the order.

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