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We get it, adjusting and using your Locus Seat can seem puzzling.

With “traditional chairs,” the adjustment process entails plopping in the seat and that’s that.

Contrastly, with the Locus Seat, you need to tap your sense of body awareness and even think way back to high school geometry to get the right balance of platform length, seat height, and seat pan angle. But, when you do find your ergo fit, trust us, it will all be worth it.


1. Adjust the Base

Begin by adjusting the length of your seat base. To do this, simply use your Hex Key to loosen the bolt. From there, you can extend and retract the base length until you find an adjustment that’s right for you. Once you’ve got it for you, use the Hex Key to lock the base in place.

2. Adjust the Height

Next, adjust the height of the seat post by lifting the lever under the left side of the seat pan. When you do this, the seat will rise on its own. If you need to lower the seat, lift the same lever and apply pressure to the seat itself. This, in turn, will lower the seat height.

3. Adjust the Angle

Last but not least, you can adjust the angle of the seat pan. Where the base length and seat height are macro adjustments, the seat pan angle is a more micro adjustment. A small change in your seat pan angle make a huge change to your comfort.




Q: How do I know if my seat base is extended to the proper length for me?
A: Always aim to create either an isosceles or equilateral triangle between the following three points: your feet, your seat, and the base of the seat post. Your feet should be able to rest comfortably on the angled portion of the platform without feeling cramped [too short] or strained [too long]. Keep your legs straight, and your knees “soft” – it’s a good idea to bend your knees gently once in awhile to ensure you’re not over-flexing your joints, and to keep blood flowing.

Q: How do I know if my seat height is right for me?
A: To get the seat just right, place the seat cushion right under your bum and use the lever to lift the seat until it gently raises your heels off the ground. From there, just step forward on the seat base, and you should be in a healthy leaning position.

Remember: you should always have enough height to keep the seat pan under your rear securely. The more weight your seat is supporting, the more securely the seat pan should be under you. The seat post should also meet the base at less than 90-degrees at all times!

Q: How should I use the angle adjust handle on the seat pan?
A: First, try leaving your seat pan loose; this will allow the seat pan to lie more parallel to your bottom. If you find you’d prefer the support of a more traditional stool, apply your weight to the back edge of the seat pan and use the Angle Lock Handle to secure it in place. It might change how you interact with the seat, for better or for slightly less better (for you). Feel free to try different angles and see how you feel – remember… like your hair color, you can always change it back!
Q: Where should I position my Locus Seat in relation to my desk?
A: Position your Locus Seat so you have about 3 fingers width distance between your torso (when you are using the seat) and the work surface.
Q: My rump hurts, what can I do about it?
A: Move more! Pain may be weakness leaving the body, but discomfort is your body’s low-tech posture-shifting alert – let it be your guide! Sore in the rear? Try standing a while! Got achy feet? Lower your seat, inch up the platform, and ease into a deep lean. After awhile, these adjustments will become second nature.
Q: It’s been two weeks, and I’m still not feeling comfortable. What gives?
A: You’ve spent a lifetime sitting. This upright-working thing can be pretty exhausting for a lot of folks, and chances are you may be one of them. Hang in there and give it another 2 weeks of adjusting – remember, you’ve got a whole month of working to learn to love your Locus Seat!

Q: I’m having trouble lowering my seat. What can I do about it?
A: Give it a little muscle! Some lighter individuals may find their seat often seems stuck, especially in the uppermost position.

When this happens:
– Stand on the platform, facing the seat pan
– Lean your chest into the seat pan using all your tiny might!
– Engage the adjustment lever (now on your right) and lower the seat

This should do the trick!