Using Your Mobis II Seat2018-08-08T16:11:57+10:30


The Mobis II Seat may look similar to your neighbourhood bar stool, but this seat has quite a few tricks up its sleeve.

It was built to move with you, so as you lean to the left and right, you’ll feel the seat move, too. And that height-adjustment lever under the seat? It’s your new best friend. Whenever you feel the need to change positions, you can use the lever to make micro-adjustments.

Using your Mobis II Seat for the first time might seem strange. Follow our instructions below for getting set up with correctly. Then, check out our “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” posture guide for details on all things ergonomic.


1. Position Your Seat

Position your seat about where you would place a bar stool – close enough to the table that you can reach things easily, but not so close that the table is digging into your stomach.

2. Adjust the Height

Lean into or perch on top of the seat cushion so the seat hits at the top of the back of your thigh, right under your bum. Using the levers on the side, you can adjust the seat height. Pushing your weight into the seat will decrease the height, whereas letting up on your weight will increase the height.

3. Adjust your Body

Rather than sitting on the Mobis II Seat, picture yourself using a tipped-forward bar stool. The seat will be angled underneath you, but whereas the barstool would feel unstable, the Mobis II Seat will stay where it is. This gives you the stability to stay upright, but the flexibility to move to the left, right, forward and back as you so please.

Once you’re squarely positioned on the seat pan, bend your knees slightly; then, shift your weight from side to side. You’ll find that as you move, the Mobis II Seat’s seat pan and stem follow you, while the seat base stays put. The Mobis II Seat is designed to offer the stability you need to remain upright, but the flexibility to move to the left, right, forward and back as you so please.




Q: How do I know if my seat height is right for me?
A: You can adjust the height in a variety of ways: for a more traditional sitting experience, keep the seat pan firmly beneath your bum, and bend your knees slightly as you tip your body forward. Setting it higher while aiming your weight backward and keeping straight-legged will create a more upright lean.
Q: Can I adjust my seat angle?
A: The seat pan is set at a fixed angle. It’s designed to help you achieve a hip angle of 130 degrees, letting you lean without letting you down (literally). If you’re looking for a seat pan that offers greater flexibility, our Locus Seat or Pivot Seat might be a better fit.
Q: My butt hurts, what can I do about it?
A: Switch it up! Our seats are upright and active. Adjust your height and posture often, alternating between leaning and standing eight times an hour.
Q: It’s been 2 weeks, why am I still uncomfortable?
A: You’ve spent a lifetime sitting. This upright-working thing can be pretty exhausting for a lot of folks, and chances are you may be one of them. Hang in there and give it another 2 weeks of adjusting – remember, you’ve got a whole month of working to learn to love your Mobis Seat!
Q: Am I too short? Am I too tall?
A: Maybe! The seat height adjusts from 25″ – 35″ and should accommodate most individuals of average height. To gauge your fit, you should be able to keep your bum firmly on the seat pan and comfortably extend, and bend, your legs (without straining).
Q: I’m having trouble lowering my seat.
A: Facing the seat, keep it upright and engage the levers. Force your weight, evenly and directly, onto the seat pan.